Dahlquist DQM-9 Floorstanding Speakers

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Dahlquist Monitor, Largest of the DQM series, 11" woofer, 5" mid, 1" tweet, 200 watt, 95 db/m. Very smooth capable of playing jazz, classical, pop, rock, ... Just no longer made. :(

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Overall Rating:4
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Submitted by DQM-Niner a Audio Enthusiast

Date Reviewed: March 2, 2009

Bottom Line:   
A frined bought a pair of DQM-9's back in the late 80's and we both fell in love with them. Unfortunately I just couldn't afford a pair, but later bought a pair of Magnat MSP-60's; similar vintage and sound not as smooth. Last summer, 2008, I saw a pair on craigslist and made arrangements to pick them up in Seattle. When I got there they were DQM-9c's or compacts. I was a bit dissapointed, but for $300 they were playing so I bought them. I got them home and they just didn't sound as smooth and thier usual soundstage just wasn't right. I started searching on line for some advice and found Regnar.com and the crossover upgrade kit. The kit contained new capacitors that you solder and hot glue in. Wow, I couldn't believe the difference. At this point I also learned that and drivers that had worn out could be completely rebuilt to new conditions including testing with pass, send back to the customer or fail, rebuild again. I continued to watch craigslist and eventually found a pair of 9's, however they were in rough shape even missing a woofer, I bought them. Then a week or so later bought the second pair that looked complete, but they were missing a tweeter magnet. The third pair was complete and working but had the woofers re-foamed, by some really bad shop so they sounded nasty. I started by contacting Joe at Regnar and found that rebuilding was around 190 ea plus shipping. I spent a few weekends with a scotch brite to polish away the corrosion and sent them in. A few months later, it was the busy season, got them back along with the crossover upgrade kits. While they were out, I replaced the original crossover wire with Audio Quest wire, scraped off all of the original Nextel finish, and even had them painted with the original Nextel paint. I got the paint from http://www.nextel-coating.com/intro.asp a US dealer in St Louis and painted it in a work paint booth including 160F cure. Nextel has a Suede texture and helps cut down on reflections. DQM-s were available as wood finish or Nextel, wood looked nicer, Nextel sounded better. I went with the Nextel dark black. I also wanted stands for the DQM-9's but none of the one's I found ahd stands. I had my friend measure his and then made a pair for the front L & R. I'm using them in a surround sound configuration since I was able to get 5. I have a rear projection Sony TV so the center speaker had to be on a stand above the TV. Per Jim Smith's 'Get Better Sound' book it is upside down, standing vertical instead of laying down, but because of the TV height tweeters higher than 18" recommended. The stand does have the ability to hold the speaker free standing above the TV and has a mico adjustment on the angle so that the center angle can be adjusted to the same angle as the mains on stands only inverted. The rears are on stands roughly 30" tall about 15deg behind the main listening sweet spot and pointed slightly behind.
I'm sure I'll adjust this arrangement to get it sounding better, but for initial trials I could wait no longer. (Started in May 08 and finished in Jan 09.) For the listening! I tried several of my favorites, Dire Straits SACD, Diana Krall SACD, George Winston DVD, The Police, Flim and the BB's, Itzak Perlman DVD 5.0 and several movies. WAS IT EVER WORTH IT, YES! I'm very happy and would do it all again. Diana was in the room singing her heart out, the bass in Ring around your finger was warm and full, Itzak Perlman was Itzak Perlman! The sound in The Bourne Identity was more detailed than I'd heard it before and the voices clearer and easier to understand. Purchase and upgrade on the five speakers was just over $2500. Compaired to the $2200 I had spent on the Aperion Audio 6 series 5.0 set-up the Aperions on score a 2. This isn't to say the Aperion's were bad, a friend who bought them is very pleased, just to say that I'm very happy with what I now enjoy.
Regnar did a fantastic job on the woofer rebuilds, even spent more time polishing the frames before rebuilding. They look and sound just like I remember them sounding when my friend bought his pair brand new. Moral of this is, if you have a pair of 9's and the woofer is blown or the surround out, go to REGNAR, DIRECTLY TO REGNAR, bypass all the cheapo foam surround replacement shops, AND SPEND THE ALMOST 200 PER DRIVER TO GET THEM DONE RIGHT! The crossover upgrade is also a mandatory as the original capacitors dried out over the years and need to be replaced. I replaced them one at a time in the set of 9c's that I have and compaired before and after. Before they are harsh, lacking in soundstage, and not cohesive. After they are smooth, build a large soundstage, and the drivers sound as one. Over the years I have listened to many other speakers that would sound as good as the 9's and couldn't without spending well over 2 or even 3k per speaker at current 2008 prices. A few have impressed me, but at more per speaker than I have in 5 not to mention the crazy economy I'm very happy. Pardon me while I go back to my happy place, aka the sweet spot to enjoy, relax, and unwind. ahhh!

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