Chario Surround Floorstanding Speakers

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  • Sensitivity: 87 dB SPL/2.83V/1m
  • Frequency: -3dB 100-20,000 Hz
  • Rated impedance: 8 Ohm

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Building up my new surround system

Hey guys. i bought a pair of B5´s last year around september and i´ve been enjoying them so much. Ive saved some money and i think its time for another investment in speakers. I want to make my whole system of the same brand. i just have the B5´s so my question is should i go for the center speaker ... Read More »

surround speaker placement?

been trying to find if the way i want to set my speakers up are find, im not sure what to do as of now but that is why i came here. im sitting about 3 feet away from the wall behind me, i am not sure where to place the speakers, all the guides i read say that u need to place them in an angel behind ... Read More »

Surround spacial imagery

In stereo reproduction, the sweet spot is equidistant from the two loudspeakers and set back to form an angle of 60 degrees. From this sweet spot, the listener can perceive spatial imagery at the speakers locations and also phantom images in between. In multi-speaker reproduction, the sweet sp ... Read More »

Monopole or Dipole surround speakers?

First off, here is an article that is worth reading about this subject. [url=]Face Off: Surround-Speaker-Configuration Wars | Home Theater[/url] As for personal experience... I use Magnepan wall mount speakers for my ... Read More »

NASCAR Surround

Last night I was lying back flipping through the channels and I caught the begining of the race. No big deal, I did enjoy the pray, but it was the part after "Gentlemen Start your Engines" my surrounds leap to life, they had channeled the radio chatter of the drivers and pits to the rears and it ... Read More »

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