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Rest In Peace Dr. Bose

[url=]Amar Bose ’51, SM ’52, ScD ’56, Bose Corporation’s founder, has died at 83 - MIT News Office[/url] Thank you for all your contributions to audio.Read More »

Add a Subwoofer to a Lifestyle v35 Home Entertainment System (Bose)

Hello All! I want to add a subwoofer to this system. I DO NOT want to replace the sub (more like a mid) it comes with. Someone has to have figured this out by now. Has anyone done this? Any ideas? Thanks, JeffRead More »

Bose Sounddock/Wave music/Sony ipod docks

I am really not abig fan of Bose (for the home theater system or their floor standers in general), but I might need a little help deciding a gift for someone. I need to spend around $400-$450 and I was looking at Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System ($399.99), Bose SoundDock Series II ($249. ... Read More »

Searching for portable speakers comparable to Bose Soundlink

Hello y'all, I got a question: A friend of mine has the Bose Soundlink, an amazing device. I really love the sound. And 8hr of battery life seem to be reasonable for me. Anyway, this is the only portable device I have ever listened to. There might be other devices out there which provide a s ... Read More »

BOSE Lifestyle V35 Home Theater System

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"] [SIZE="4"]All of our products are [COLOR="Red"]brand new, genuine and imported from US[/COLOR]. The products are currently in stock. [COLOR="red"][U]Immediate delivery[/U][/COLOR]. [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]If Interested, pls contact us to schedule for delivery.[/COLO ... Read More »

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