Audio Vector M1 Floorstanding Speakers

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Two way monitor The M1 uses the same elegant and stylish basic cabinet as its bigger siblings but without the sandwich baffles.

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Musical Fidelity M1 CLIC Internet Streamer

So looks like it's time to add another music streamer/DAC to the list from major HiFi manufacturers: The Musical Fidelity M1 CLIC The details have popped up in what maybe a viral advertising campaign on the WHF forums: [url][/url] Anyw ... Read More »

Mounting B&W M1 Speakers

Just wanted to say hello to everyone on my first post to the site. Looks like a great place to get answers from knowledgeable people who share the same interest. My question is this. I'm looking to buy a set of B&W M1 surround speakers to use as the rear speakers in my home theater setup. My fro ... Read More »

Kenwood Basic M1 and Basic C1 Preamplifier

I just picked up today in mint condition Kenwood Basic M1 Amplifier and Kenwood Basic C1 Preamplifier Does anyone know what is the 2 "Sensor" outs for the speakers? I have a KM-106 and KM-209 amplifier! Is the M1 better or same? [IMG][/IMG] ... Read More »

CL Score- Kenwood M1

An addiction is a hard thing to break but even after getting the Luxman a couple of weeks ago I still find myself scanning Craigslist for gear. Yesterday I saw a listing for a Amp and it turned out to be a Kenwood Basic M1 w Dynamic Linear Drive for only $50. Picked up tonight and gave it a quick te ... Read More »

Alesis M1-active Bi-amp Reference Speakers?

Does Anyone know anything about these? I hve a chance to get a pair for cheap to make my setup 7.1... ALESIS M1-ACTIVE BI-AMP REFERENCE SPEAKERS [IMG][/IMG]Read More »