Audio Dynamics Corp 18 Floorstanding Speakers

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Two way speaker sys, bass reflex/mass loaded port, 45H X17W X16D, oiled walnut finish

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question about a Cerwin Vega 18" 189SW

hey guys, just wondering if these are worth anything anymore, I really don't want to get rid of it but funds are running low and I have a baby to take care of so I guess I'll have to part with it. I hate to bother you guys with a stupid question like this considering its my first post but I couldn' ... Read More »

Dahlquist DQ-18

I have a line on a pair of Dahlquist DQ-18's for $100. I cannot find any info on these guys. Are these the bastard childs of the Dahlquist line up? I am looking for more lower range than my monitors can offer and these might do the trick for a little dent in the wallet.Read More »

18” down-firing EGG shaped sub build…

I ordered the driver, bought the wood, and will be starting the cutting this weekend. This will be a bit of an unusual build. Some will say that it will be ugly, but the wife has given her stamp of approval, and more importantly, I like it. It should be a nice step up from my current Titanic III ... Read More »

Porcupine Tree- San Francisco, 9/18/09

I've seen this band every time they've played SF since 1999. It's been fascinating to watch them evolve and develop over the years. First time I saw them was in a small club South of Market with a capacity of around 500, but it wasn't full. This time they played The Warfield, an old movie palace dow ... Read More »

Subwoofer connection using 18 guage speaker wire

Hello All, I routed 14 gauge speaker wire in my wall and ceiling to connect my receiver to a Klipsch RW-12d. I was told by a local hi-fi shop that this (speaker wire) would be acceptable as I only needed to carry the "single". How do I finish the connection with RCA connectors? Please advise.Than ... Read More »

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