AUDES ADAGIO Floorstanding Speakers

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It's our newest member in our CREDO family of great loudspeakers. AUDES ADAGIO is a unique blend of artistic design and High-End audio concept. It offers an amazing combination of powerful bass and absolutely remarkable level of detail, making it an ideal choice for those who seek a perfect companion that would be suitable for today's advanced digital and analogue music formats. Two channel or home theater applications, AUDES ADAGIO will perform with seamless accuracy, capturing and creating an unforgettable experience in high quality home entertainment. 

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tyler linbrook 2 vs. acoustic zen adagio

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Acoustic Zen Adagio

I recently purchased a pair a Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeakers and wanted write a review but as it goes these are so new they won't be on the review site for a while. They are so new in fact that Acoustic Zen doesn't even have them on their site! Anyway, 5 weeks into listening, 150 hours burn-in tim ... Read More »

Samuel Barber's Adagio

This is not a recommendation for a specific recording. There is a fascinating discussion of Samuel Barber's Adagio currently on the BBC program called Masterpiece. You can hear a rebroadcast of the program by clicking on this hot link and then clicking on "listen to masterpiece" icon. This is one ... Read More »

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