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Comcast iPad Remote App: Digital Convergence Finally Arrives?

As I've posted many times over the years, every previous attempt at convergence (the final integration between the network and the home theater) to date has been a failure. The problem is not technological, but ergonomic. Simple ergonomics is why most TV programs are not viewed on computers and ha ... Read More »

Projection TV Convergence Problem

It's an Apex 43" rear projection HD TV The left side of the screen shows excessive red shadows. I went through the convergence alignment process, and when everything is lined up right, it only makes it worse on the left side of the screen, but the right side is fine. I think this happened when I ... Read More »

RPTV Convergence Question

Hello everyone. I'm the happy owner of a new Hitachi 51" HD RPTV. After taking the time to tweak the convergence in the user menu the television seems to forget the settings after I turn the tv off 3 or 4 times. And it's usually not by a little. My question is this. On average, how often does c ... Read More »

Severe convergence problem w/ Mits WS-65807

Hello all it has been several years since I came around here and it appears to have changed quite a bit! I am having an interesting problem with my Mitsubishi WS-65807. Several times a day the red is shifted several INCHES off. As best I can tell it is just the red that shifts. It stays shifte ... Read More »