ALR Jordan Classic 5 Floorstanding Speakers

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Product Description

The slender and elegant Classic 5 cabinet is made out of a material mix of MDF and pressboard just like the other models. Numerous ingenious cabinet stiffeners prevent bothersome resonances and thereby ensure homogenous and natural acoustics. Two ALR-JORDAN woofers with aluminium membranes using proven technology provide this slender floor loudspeaker powerfully sovereign bass reproduction and high resilience.

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Energy Take 5 Classic

Are these as good as the reviews I've read. Need a new system, and this one is in my budget. Would this system sound better than the polk tsi floor standing speakers?Read More »

What cable connectors work with Energy Take 5 Classic speakers?

I followed the advice given in another thread in this forum to go with Blue Jeans Cable to obtain all of the HDMI and speaker cables I would need for my new HTS. Unfortunately, the holes inside the terminals for the Take 5 Classic speakers are too small to insert locking banana plugs into them. ... Read More »

Klipsch KG5.5 (Classic)

Hi Everyone, this is my first post here. I just wanted to ask a question to you all. I have had a pair of Klipsch KG5.5 for about 12 years now. I love these speakers and they are about the only thing in my life I have ever owned that long. They are still an perfect shape and sound great but ... Read More »