Wilson Benesch Centre Center Channels

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Product Description

  • Frequency response:45Hz to 24kHz +- 2dB on axis
  • Sensitivity 88dB spl at 1metre on axis. 2.83V input
  • Impedance 6 Ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum

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Totem Acoustic - Mite -T centre channel speaker

Hi members, What are your thoughts on the Totem Mite-T centre channel speaker? I listened to it last weekend at an electronics store and I was amazed at its incredible sound quality and the beauty of the product. Would you recommend it and how does it compare to other high-end similar products? Y ... Read More »

Mission Centre Speaker Wanted

Hi, I live in Toronto, Canada and am looking for a Mission 70c1 ,70c2 or 70c3 Center speaker in good shape. I am willing to pay a decent price for a decent speaker!Read More »

centre channel crackling

i have noticed that when watching a dvd with somone yelling in it , when they yell i get a faint fuzzy, crackel noise from the centre. the volume isnt up all that loud, but have noticed it on a few dvds, when they person is yelling, as they are yelling it happens and it very faint. is this norma ... Read More »

Centre speaker for Paradigm system

Hello; This is my first post and I have a question regarding an appropriate centre speaker for my system. At present I have a pair of front Studio 20s (v.2) from Paradigm and a set of surround speakers ADP-470 (v.3) also from Paradigm. From my readings, the recommended centre speaker would be the ... Read More »

Centre Channel Advice

Hi I am new to these forums and are here for a little expert advice. I have a set of Infinity reference 6 speakers from the early 90's. They still sound good to me and am not looking to replace them for the time being. My question pertains to my center channel speaker, which I bought in the e ... Read More »


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