Vienna Acoustics Trio Center Channels

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Product Description

  • Top mounting two-way loudspeaker
  • Three hand-coated
  • 1" silk dome tweeters
  • L/C/R speaker system

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Adrian Belew Power Trio - Live!!

Check out this full, one hour concert. Great video and audio, what a fantastic combo these guys are. [url][/url] [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

California Guitar Trio on PBS

Our local PBS station has been running a show called On Canvas. Featured in one of these airings is a half hour segment with interviews and music from their last performance at the Sellersville Theater. The local station here is WHYY. Anyone able to catch this program?Read More »

Swish- California Guitar Trio

Swish, anyone- have you seen these guys perform? I caught them at the Sellersville Theater Saturday night and was blown away at what they do. Although none are from California, they met and formed there. I actually bought my tickets to see the opening act, One Alternative who they only gave enough t ... Read More »

FS : Harman Kardon Trio A224 Tubes

I've got a nice Harman Kardon tubes amplifier, this amplifier has been repaired, the speakers plugs in the back are all new. I bought some Mesa Tubes and some Electro-Harmonix to replace to old one. This is in GREAT condition for the age, the cage and front is in great condition. Selling it for only ... Read More »

Hectic Watermelon-Post Zappa Commando Rock Trio

Hectic Watermelon-Post Zappa Commando Rock Trio This is THE BEST Instrumental rock I have heard in quite some time. Jerry Goodman of the Dregs guest stars. The recording is stellar and the composition and playing is just amazing. You can check it out at Abstract Logix here: [url]http://ww ... Read More »



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