Tyler Acoustics Decade Center Channels

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  • FR: 35-20k
  • Imp: 8 ohms
  • Sens: 90db

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Martial Art Film of Decade

Must admit that have not seen all of mentioned Kung Fu movies, but movies I've seen- have to give nod to House Of Flying Dagger as the best martial art movie I have seen this decade. The fight scenes and chorography is amazing, with stunning visual effects. Not any particular order: [b]Hero ( ... Read More »

So now that the decade is nearly over...

...I ask thee hipsters, audiophiles, nuts, cooks, mavens and Finch...what was your favorite year of the 2000's? I've seen threads in quest of the best [I]albums[/I] of any given year, threads relating to the overall output of the decade in its entirety, but nothing about one year besting the rest.. ... Read More »

sony cdp xb930 hifi bargain of the decade

Considering the power of Sony, you'd expect their products to be of a consistently high standard but for a company that is not really famed for its 2 channel products, this piece of kit is a real gem. The build quality is exceptional for an entry level to mid price machine such as this, and the f ... Read More »

Noddin's Decade 2000-9 Comp

OK. Now I’ve got Noddin’s Decade 2000-9 Comp ready. Have at it. No claims or assurances offered that there is anything startling good here; or novel. I just thought it was a fun challenge. Since there’s obviously so much to select from, I imposed a few criteria on myself. 1) No m ... Read More »

100 Best Films of Decade

This list is from our friends across the pond. It does contain few international and Arthouse titles and as with all compiled movie list, there are some hit and misses. [b]100 The Devil Wears Prada (David Frankel, 2006) [/b] Meryl Streep begins her own populist career reinvention (soon to be fol ... Read More »


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