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Theater Solutions Theater Solutions Center Channel Speaker
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Description: Theater Solutions Center Channel TSLCR5 <br>Features the latest swing-out dog leg mounting system for easy installation; paintable white aluminum grills that offer added rust protection in moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and saunas; as well as a fabric scrim inside the grill that hides the drivers from view and will not interfere with the sound. The two woven kevlar 5.25" drivers were designed for extended throw providing a full range of tones coupled with time-tested toughness. The dual 1/2 inch pivoting PEI dome tweeters pivots to direct sound at listeners, and its back chamber smoothes and extends its performance. Fully shielded to protect your TV and other components. A 2nd order 12db per octave crossover and infra-red knowckouts are more of the state of the art components that add up to superior quality and design that brings the Theater to You! <br> <br> <br>5.25" Woven Kevlar Driver with Rubber Surround <br>30-20,000 Hz Range / 8 Ohm <br>100 Watts RMS and 200 Watts Max / 92db <br>Wall Cut out size: 7.5" x 16.25" <br>Second Order 12db per Octave Crossover <br>Fully Shielded w/ IR Knock Outs <br>Manufacturers Suggested Retail: $169.99


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