Swan C2 Center Channels

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Match your main and effects speakers with the transparent-sounding Swan C2 center speaker. At this price premium Swan's build quality and excellent performance make the Swan C2 a steal.

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Kenwood Basic c2

Last year i bought a C2 preamp from one of my coworkers. It is missing the knob, and the feet. Is there any redeeming qualitys to the preamp. I still havent used it because it doesnt have a volume knob. I have been thinking of making one out of wood. But funds have been scarce lately. S ... Read More »

Amp choice for Dynaudio C2

Hi everybody, I have bought recently Dynaudio C2 loudspeakers and Musical Fidelity A5 amplifier + CD. I wouldn't say I am disappointed, but I feel a kind of dryness in the medium-highs which is not coming from the loudspeakers (I tried a very expensive PASS combo from a friend but not affordable ... Read More »

Kenwood M2A Amp and C2 Preamp, work keeping?

I'm new to this forum as I'm starting to get back into audio and home theater. I use to be big into it back in the 80's before marriage, but a wife and young kids will put a quick stop to high end stereo purchases and I pretty much got into movies and away from the audiophile side of things. I was ... Read More »

Mirage OM-C2 Omnipolar Center Channel

MINT condition Mirage OM-C2 omnipolar center channel. One of the finest centers ever made and hard to find now. The driver complement consists of a tweeter/mid-bass combo centered both on the front baffle and again on the rear. To the extreme right of the front baffle is the passive radiator, and on ... Read More »

Parasound 7100 And C2 Processors

The Parasound 7100 and C2 processors need to be added to the review section. I can myself review the 7100 and the C2 is very popular. Thanks JCRead More »