ONIX Rocket ELT Center Channels

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3-way rear-port design, 2 custom 5.25" long-throw aluminum cone woofers, custom 2.5” paper composite midrange, hybrid silk-suspended alloy dome tweeter, 60Hz-20kHz ±3dB, 6 Ohm impedance, 87dB sensitivity, 20lbs.

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Athena AS-B2.2 vs. Onix Rocket ELT LRS

I would appreciate any input on comparison or contrast of these two speakers. Would you favor one over the other? Thanks!Read More »

Rocket ELT or Swan 2.1 for HT?

I've pretty much narrowed it down to these to sets of speakers for a HT setup. Will be powering them with the Yamaha 5760. I've read several reviews of the Rocket ELT system but haven't found anything for the Swan's in reference to their soundstage for HT. So, has anybody compared the two, or hav ... Read More »

Rocket ELT review

This was just posted on the Secrets of Home Theater and HIgh Fidelity site. [url]http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_11_1/onix-rocket-elt-1-speakers-3-2004.html[/url] They can be found at AV123.com. [url]http://www.av123.com/products_category_brand.php?section=speakers&brand=13[/url]Read More »

Rocket 150's, ELT's, or Axiom m2i/M22ti for stereo use?

Hello all, I have been posting on both av123.com and axiomaudio.com for the last few days in order to find out what to buy. Giving my girlfriend a low-powered Onkyo slimline receiver (TX-L5) and sub (Velodyne CT-100) to replace her Bose Lifestyle system. I'm intrigued by the Rockets, their fi ... Read More »

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