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Product Image
Mirage Loudspeakers UNI-Theater Center Speaker
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Description: The UNI-Theater incorporates the left, right and center speaker in one ingeniously designed, extruded aluminum enclosure divided into three independent chambers. Each chamber houses an active 3" woofer, two passive 3" Polypropylene Titanium Deposit Hybrid radiators, and a 3/4" Pure Titanium Hybrid Tweeter. Each tweeter is mounted in Mirage’s exclusive patented OMNIGUIDE module to create the unique OMNIPOLAR™ dispersion pattern. The two OMNIGUIDE modules for the left and right front speaker are angled slightly in order to reflect the sound to the side walls, thereby enhancing the overall spaciousness of the sound. Utilizing Mirage’s proprietary technology this way, the UNI-Theater is capable of achieving a tremendously large and spacious soundstage, comparable only to three perfectly positioned separate OMNIPOLAR™ front speakers.


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