Martin Logan Stage Center Channels

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  • HD-XStat (Hybrid Dynamic) Technology
  • XStat Transducer
  • Vacuum Bonding
  • Curvilinear Line Source Electrostatic Panel

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amplifer for Stage return speakers

Hi, Is it possible to connect a sub amplifier from Pre-amp of a master amplifier, to serve speakers on stage, to eliminate feedback, etc ?Read More »

Sad day for New Yorkers. Stage Deli Closing.

"A perpetual pastrami war has, at last, ended. The Stage Deli on Seventh Avenue, known for its overstuffed sandwiches, closed after 75 years. For generations, two venerable Seventh Avenue establishments, the Stage Deli and the Carnegie Deli, battled implacably for customers, newspaper ink, n ... Read More »

Jasmine MK III phono stage coming?

Read a comment on audiogon that a new version of the Jasmine may be coming. Anyone here heard this? I was close to buying an MKII but might wait if a newer version is on the way.Read More »

My line stage Christmas present is on the way

Hotdang! it's gonna be a good match for the Paramours. [url=]Foreplay III Line Stage Kit[/url]Read More »

Musical Fidelity and their new Phono Stage!

what cha think? [url=]Musical Fidelity M1HPA Headphone Amplifier[/url] Dont know why the link says headphone but click on it to see the phono stage [img][/img]Read More »


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