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Product Image
Klipsch Synergy C-10
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  199.00
Description: Tie your speaker system together with the Klipsch Synergy C-10 center channel speaker. Featuring a 0.75 aluminum tweeter suspended in a linear travel system, coupled with a square Tractrix horn, along with two 4? woofer, the Synergy C-10 gives you clear, distortion-less dialogue and high tones. Improvements to the network structure and voicing make this one of the best Synergy lines yet, and a new look helps it fit into your decor seamlessly. <ul> <li>Frequency Response: 100Hz-23KHz ± 3dB</li> <li>Power Handling: 50W RMS / 200W Peak</li> <li>Sensitivity: 93.5dB @ 2.83V / 1m</li> <li>Crossover Frequency: 3000Hz</li> <li>Inputs: Single binding posts</li> </ul>


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