KLH 325 Center Channels

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2-Way Design, Two 3-5/8" Woofers, 7/8" Dome Tweeter..

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$325 to see Van Morrison?

Van Morrison is coming to town. I'm not interested in seeing him but was curious what kind of price he could ask. Top tickets are $325 each! The cheapest ticket is $95. To put this in perspective, Wilco is playing the same venue. Tickets range from $39.50 up to $45. Now Wilco may not have the ... Read More »

marantz pm 325

i bought this amp about 2months ago.about 40dollars including tuner, tape deck, and speakers. i thought i got a good deal but upon playing past halfway mark the right channel gave out, awfully distorted. switched speakers on it. same deal. working fine after unplugging it for several minutes. wha ... Read More »

marantz pm 325 clipping

i just bought the above mentioned amp at a pawn shop for 40 dollars along with speakers, tape player, and tuner all marantz. when i first hooked it up i noticed and improvement in the upper frequencys its like it woke up the speakers (so to speak) i listen to jazz,blues, and gospel. when tuned to ... Read More »

any one familiar with marantz 325??????????

any info on this anp greatly appreciated. how does it sound? does it have good bass extension? does it sound compressed. i saw this amp with tuner tape player. and speakers for 40 dollars. speakers could use repair but amp appears in good condition.:o.......sorry pm 325 smp i have a sherwood i bo ... Read More »

NAD 320 BEE and 325 BEE, Good Price

I can't seem to find a difference between these two Integrateds, check out SaturdayAudio.com, they are selling the 320 for $299. It seems like a great deal!Read More »


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