Jamo S 60 Center Channels

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Product Description

  • 2-Way Bass-Reflex Design
  • Dual 4" High-Output Woofers
  • 1" Dome Tweeter
  • 5-Way Binding Post Connectors
  • Magnetically Shielded

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Magnet's top 60 reccords from 1993 to 2003. Pretty fine list IMHO.

I stumbled upon this the other day and figure I have just about half of the top 60 and two of the extras they show at the end. What are your impressions of their choices and which of these do you think is essential to my collection? The ones in bold type are the records I already have. I'm scratch ... Read More »

which speakers for MC-60's c-20 preamp

I have my fathers original Mac mc- 60 mono amps. I also have the c-20 preamp and tuner. I am hoping I can get some opinions on which speakers are acceptable and not necessarily the most expensive. Thank youRead More »

60's/70's Guitar bands on Tour

I see that a few of the 70's Guitar greats are touring the US, Ten Years After Mahogany Rush Robin Trower anyone see any of these guys on their recent Tours?Read More »

Revel F30 vs B&W 604S3 and Paradigm Studio 60's

I am looking to purchase new used tower speakers and have narrowed it down to these three. 90% will be listening to funk, jazz, and traditional rock. In listening to the B&W's and Revel's I was very impressed, but it is hard to make a decision on the spot. I am interested in your thoughs/feedback. ... Read More »

Best T.V. Made Cartoon Character of the 60's

I'm talking T.V. produced characters only. Not Classic Warner or MGM. Let the voting and "how could you not have ...." beatdown commence. Da WorfsterRead More »


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