Gryphon Audio Poseidon Center Channels

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  • Four-way twin-tower loudspeaker
  • Constant Phase crossover
  • Designed and built in Denmark
  • Four sealed enclosures

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Go ahead. Laugh. We saw Poseidon.

Cheesy, but the one saving grace (and the ONLY way I would see it*) was that we went into the city and saw it on the IMAX. There were a few good jump-up scenes but, on the whole, somewhat over-rated. I don't think We would have gone to see it on a regular cinema. without IMAX it might be a ... Read More »


Saw this today - had to use up some vouchers that were running out, and unfortunately Da Vinci Code won't accept them. This movie was so painfully predictale, and typical by-the-book Hollywood action movie-ish that it almost ruined the enjoyment. Almost. I liked this movie. There's enough co ... Read More »


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