Audio Concepts MC 1 Center Speaker Center Channels

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Product Description

- The MC-1 may be stand, shelf or wall mounted.
- It may be mounted vertically or horizontally.
- Complete magnetic shielding. May be placed directly under, over or adjacent to Television screen.
- As a center-channel speaker the MC1 offers correct timbrel matching to any ACI model including the Sapphire III or the Spirit.
- Use an MC1 placed horizontally under or over the screen with a pair of vertically placed MC1s for left and right speakers.
- Great rear or side channel speaker for surround sound systems including Dolby Digital.
- Combine a pair with a Titan powered sub for high-performance, miniature audio.
- Combine with the mini-amp of your choice for the ultimate home computer multimedia sound.
- The MC-1 is available only in black but can be painted.

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