AmbienceSpeakerSystems Ribbon Center Channels

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Product Description

  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Ideal amplifier power: 100 to 150 watts RMS / Channel
  • Crossover: 18dB/Octave, 350Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4.3 ohms
  • Power handling: 150W RMS

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Ribbon Cables

Does anyone know of a company where one can mail in their frayed ribbon cables from inside an audio component and have matching replacements made? I mean on a small consumer/hobbiest level. Thank you!Read More »

Cerwin Vega & Pabst Blue Ribbon

I don't know what high-end speakers I would compare my modded LS-12's with. Not really high-end, but I would like to get my hands on some Sony ES or Pioneer Elite speakers and have a go. Speakers I've had next to them have been Klipsch to Martin Logan. I'd take the damn Martin Logans.. I'm pushi ... Read More »

Transporting ribbon tweeter

Hello to all, I have question regarding transport my MG-20 speaker to another place, when I remove the ribbon tweeter I think I must put it in its original packing, what I would to know do I must put back the protective cover ? I’m asking this because in the manual didn’t mention this in remov ... Read More »

Das Weiße Band (The White Ribbon)

[IMG][/IMG] Boy, I hope that someone else here has seen this one because I really want to talk about it. This is the new film from Michael Haneke, the Austrian filmmaker responsible for past provocations like [i]Funny Gam ... Read More »

Apogee Studio Ribbon Array Speaker System

Hello, I have a near mint pair of Studio Ribbon Array's with the feet, original passive crossovers (removed), DAX Active Crossover System w/PS, and Symo 8 foot speaker cables (one pair per speaker for biamp. What would they be worth if I was interested in selling them? I have custom made solid wo ... Read More »

Read More »

MS 1400W:

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