AAD S3 Center Channels

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The S3C is also a 2.5 way speaker. The left woofer is producing bass while the right speaker is producing bass and mid-range. The underside of the S3C has threaded inserts for stand or ceiling mounting.

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Magico S3........Anybody Heard It Yet?

I've been invited to listen to Magico's new S3 speaker at one of our local HiFi shops. They are having a demo and Alon Wolf from Magico will be there to oversee the demo. Bob Harley from Absolute Sound will also be there. I've never heard Magico speakers and though they are way out of my price rang ... Read More »

dynaud.contour s3.4 vs dali helicon mk2

Hi Everybody, In the process of upgrading my whole system. I wanted to see which of these speakers would be a better match for my Vincent cd s6 mk (tube player) & Vincent Integrated sv 236 mk (hybrid). I am also considering the Devore Super Gibbon 8. Any insight would be apprec ... Read More »

B&W DM604 S3 - 22W x 2 class A tube amplifier good enough to drive them?

Want to upgrade to B&W DM 604 S3 speakers. Currently using 22W x 2 Class A tube amplifier and was told that better matching speakers with high sensitivity, Any advice to me please?Read More »

Lost S3 is out on Tuesday

Who's buying it next week and who's waiting to see if Santa delivers it? I'm undecided.Read More »

Having Trouble locating B&W DM603 or 604 S3

I currently have B&W DM604 S3 as my fronts and put off getting any rears. Now am trying to find some 604s or 603s as rears and I can't. I found a pair of beat up 603 floor models at Ken Cranes but I hate beat up equipment. I am in Southern California but don't mind paying shipping either. Anyone ... Read More »


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