Paradigm Reference Studio 20 Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

  • Design: 2-driver, 2-way bookshelf / stand-mounted
  • Crossover(s): 2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz
  • High-Frequency Driver(s): 25-mm (1 in) G-PAL dome
  • Bass / Midrange Driver(s): 178-mm (7 in) S-PAL cone
  • Suitable Amplifier Power Range: 15 - 180 watts

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Buying new speakers - Paradigm Studio 20, B&W CM1, others?

First post here... I'm shopping around for my first pair of "nice" speakers. My price limit is ~ $1000 for a pair. Yesterday I visited a local dealer and listen to the Paradigm Reference Studio 20 (v.4? the newest model..). The salesman also recommended the B&W CM1 which were a little more expens ... Read More »

Stands for my Paradigm Reference Studio 20!

Since i have almost got everything ready to hook on to some serious hi fidelity for the first time, i would like to be enlightened whether speaker stands really give a great boost to the speakers? Basically, i have the mission stancette and a few other locally made stands in my budget... Things such ... Read More »

Studio 20's V.4

Hi i currently have Studio 20 V.4 as my fronts im looking to add a center channel and from the recommendations from this site im going to go with another studio 20 to make 3 across the front instead of traditional CC. My question is this the Studio 20 V3 is easier to find used than the new V4 coul ... Read More »

Paradigm Studio 20 Original vs Version 3

Hello, need an advise from Paradigm experts. I just bought a used pair of Paradigm Studio 20 Original version (circa 1996). It's on it's way to be shipped right now and I was just wondering what, if any, is any difference between the original and the Version 3. I've never heard the originals but ... Read More »


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