Mission 780 - Pair Bookshelf Speakers

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Opinion: Pioneer SX-780 vs Technics SU-V2

Anybody know anything about either of these amps? Be glad for some opinions! Which of these two amps - Pioneer SX-780 or Technics SU-V2 - do people regard more highly?Read More »

Mission 780 problems

Hey guys wondered if you could help. My Mission 780s have spend a while in the cupboard and i got them out to start a new system in my study, problem is there is no bass whatsoever being played through them, and no vibrations through the woofers at all i've checked the amp and all is fine on that e ... Read More »

Onkyo 570 vs 780 ???

Hey all. Newbie to the boards looking for a good (If there is a good one) Home Theater in a Box. I've heard plenty of good things about Onkyo but I'm not sure if the 780 if worth the extra couple hundred bucks for the 10" sub and the 5 1/4" speakers, as opposed to the 570 that has 4" speakers and ... Read More »

Wharfedale 9.1 v. Mission 780

Hi, I'm undecided about these two speakers. I've not had the chance to audition them side by side and wondered if anyone else had tested these two speakers against each other. I won't have the chance to do so either as the Mission's are only available brand new from a discount seller who don't st ... Read More »