Green Mountain Audio Eos Bookshelf Speakers

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Eos brings new meaning to all your music, from a compact, bookshelf package! Its time-coherent technology allows you to listen for hours on end, with no concern for a recording's quality -- all you hear and feel is the performance. With its new Balanced-Phase crossover circuit and Bi-Port technology, the Eos will deliver any music at any loudness, with full bass response far greater than its small size should produce!

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help, new system. Usher CP777II and Artemis EOS+

I have 2 sets of speakers, Usher CP-777 II with beryllium tweeter and Artemis EOS+ (without the bass module), both are driven by Marantz PM-14SA. The Ushers are brand new and hasn't burned in to its full potential yet. As of now, Artemis sounds more delicate, refined and more resolving. With very ... Read More »


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