Dayens Studio Monitor Bookshelf Speakers

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Product Description

  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Recommended power handling: 50-150 W
  • Frequency range: 40-30000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 87,3 dB

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Studio Monitor Question (For PC)

Ok, bit new, hopefully I came to right place :D. I have a nice PC, lots of music, make my own mixes, etc. I dig underground hip hop, electronic music, reggae. So I do like some Bass! I have narrowered it down to these selections, I would like some help identifying which speaker to choose ... Read More »

a question about studio monitor?

helleo everbody! in my opinion,a studio monitor holds higher vaulue rating than a home loudsperker in the same do you think of this?:)Read More »

studio monitor speakers vs. regular home speakers

I'm not looking for anything expensive because this is actually for my 3rd system. Just looking for BIG bang for the bucks! With that said, has anyone used studio monitor type speakers for home use? What are the pros and cons? Looking to spend $300 tops (yea I know, getting ready to hear "if yo ... Read More »

Paradigm Studio v.4 - Monitor v.5 - Signature v.2

Here is some info on the Paradigm revisions. All lines seem to be getting a makeover. It looks as if the Atom will be part of the Monitor line if I read things correctly. I wonder if there going to dump the Performance line. [url][/url]Read More »

JBL L100 or 4310 studio monitor

First thanks to Boy Lover, elly3s, and skeptic for answering my 1st question (separate Post). Does anyone out there have cabinet drawings/plans or know where one can obtain said plans for the above mentioned speakers. Thank you in advance for your answers.Read More »


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