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Tributaries SCV BNC Silver RGB/RGBS/RGBHV
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Description: · V1 cable terminated with TRUE 75 ohm BNC connectors – straight or right angle <br> · Available in single cable, three cable (RGsB), four cable (RGBS) or five cable (RGBHV)<br> · Outer jacket made of highly flexible PVC<br> · First layer is a paper wrap, which acts like a lubricating paper to allow the outer shield of the cable to move freely against the PVC jacket. <br> · Second and third layers of the cable are tightly braided concentric oxygen-free copper shields. Two layers of shields are used for superior resistance to interference. No other video cable in the industry uses this much shielding<br> · Fourth layer is an aluminum Mylar® wrap, designed to resist RF interference above 1 MHz. <br> · Fifth layer is a polyethylene insulator around the center conductor, chosen for its insulating and low-friction properties.<br> · Sixth layer is another friction-reducing insulator, allowing movement of the center conductor while maintaining the correct ratio of center conductor to outer shield.<br> · Lastly, the center conductor is constructed of 20 AWG wire containing 30 strands of silver plated OFHCC for superior flexibility <br> · 360° Circle-surround silver solder technique for best mechanical and electrical connection<br> · Can also be terminated with MCC75 TRUE 75 ohm RCA connectors <br> · Available with right angle terminations<br> · Limited lifetime warranty


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