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Harmony Remotes SST-768 NEW Universal wireless R/C Back-LIT w/SmartState Technology
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Description: SST-768 NEW Universal wireless R/C Back-LIT w/SmartState Technology Specifications <LI> Colors: Blue, Silver, Red. <LI> Software: Current system requirements: PC with USB port, Windows <LI> 98SE/Me/2000/XP, Internet access, 10MB hard drive space. Mac, Linux and other platforms to be supported in the future. <LI> Memory: 2 Megabytes Non-volatile flash memory. <LI> Hardware: Backlit LCD 84 x 48 pixels, Infrared sensor, USB communication, Speaker. <LI> Infrared (IR): Range > 40 feet, sending frequency > 60 kHz, sensing frequency > 60 kHz. <LI> Power: While connected: USB power from PC, when not connected: 4 AAA 1.5V batteries. <LI> Dimensions: 6.1x 2.1 x 1.3 inches <LI> Weight: 4.5 oz <LI> Box contains: Harmony Remote SST-768, Harmony Software Installation CD, USB cable, 4 AAA batteries, Quick Start Guide.


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