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Description: Digiflex uses the highest quality components for their speaker cables. Like many Digiflex products the speaker cable is ROHS compliant. This means it is free of toxic substances. The cable is very rugged and super flexible. Conductors are multi-stranded copper (the 14 AWG has 41 strands) twisted together with jute fillers for strength and to prevent stretching. The outer jacket is PVC designed to be rugged yet very flexible under adverse conditions. Digiflex uses Neutrik Speakon and Neutrik 1/4” connectors. <br>The cable is available in the following formats: <br>Musiflex and Tourflex 14/2 and 16/2 with ¼” connectors <br>Tourflex 14/2 ,14/4 and 14/8 with Speakon connectors <br>Tourflex 12/2, 12/4 and 12/8 with Speakon connectors <br>Digiflex also has various speaker cable adaptors: <br>Musiflex and Tourflex - banana to ¼” <br>Tourflex banana to Speakon <br>Tourflex ¼” to Speakon <br>


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