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Product Image
Clou 212 Red Jaspis Cable for Senn HD 600
0 Reviews
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MSRP  119.00
Description: Clou 212 Red Jaspis Cable for Senn HD 600 <P> The red Jaspis cable has 3 shields, 1 foil and 2 braids of different alloys. Other Specifications include: Conductor of silver-plated copper 0,6² mm. Teflon Dielectric Shielding with 3 different alloys (foil, braid). Connectors – Clou Cable RCA (gold plated) Neutrik XLR Red Jaspis lockable RCA Purity of Copper better than 99,97% Purity of Silver 99,99% Audioquest 8% silver solder Lengths of 0,6, 1,0 and 1,5 m


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