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Product Image
AudioQuest KE-4
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  31.00
Description: KE-4 might look like a normal round cable, but inside is a fully optimized combination of extraordinary materials and extremely refined design. <p></p> Conductors: All four of KE-4’s conductors are solid. Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the single greatest source of distortion, often causing a somewhat harsh, dirty and confused sound. Solid conductors are the most important ingredients enabling KE-4’s very clear sound. <p></p> SST (Spread Spectrum Technology): Any single size or shape of conductor has a specific distortion profile. SST is a method for significantly reducing the awareness of these character flaws by using a precise combination of different size conductors. <p></p> Metal: KE-4’s PSS (Perfect Surface Silver) has an astonishingly smooth and pure surface. PSS’s extreme transparency is made possible by applying Perfect Surface Technology to ultra pure solid silver. For fifteen years AudioQuest has pioneered the use of superior metals; yet even we were surprised by the huge leap in performance made possible with Perfect Surface Technology. PSC and PSC+ simply outperform all previously available metals at any price. PSS is the ultimate example of how far this remarkable technology can take us. <p></p> Geometry: The spiral construction of KE-4 allows for significantly better dynamic contrast and information intelligibility than if the same conductors were run in parallel. The specific 4-cross geometry used in KE-4 maximizes this advantage.


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