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Freestyle Pioneer DJM-1000 Professional Club DJ Mixer—-$1,810.00
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Description: <br> <br>PIONEER DJ EQUIOPMENT PRICE, <br>Pioneer CDJ-MK3 1000—————-$900 <br>Pioneer DJ Effector - Red———–$350.00 <br>Pioneer System Case (CA-CMX5)…….$450.00 <br>Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Digital Vinyl Turntable=–$520.00 <br>Pioneer Dual Rackmount CD Player——–$600.00 <br>Pioneer Pro DJ Mixer————-$720.00 <br>Pioneer Rack mount pro DJ mixer———$780.00 <br>Pioneer 96Khz / 24 bit digital mixer.—–$960.00 <br>Pioneer Flat Speakers (ea.)————-$980.00 <br>Pioneer Professional DVD Turntable——-$1500.00 <br>Pioneer Pro DJ 96Khz 24bit Mixer———$1,600.00 <br>Pioneer Djm-800 4 Channel Dj Mixer W/midi—$900.00 <br>Pioneer DJM-400 Professional DJ Mixer——$300.00 <br>Pioneer DJM-1000 Professional Club DJ Mixer—-$1,810.00 <br>Pioneer Super DJ mixer - Pioneer DJM909——$900.00 <br>Pioneer DJM-600——————————-$750.00 <br>Pioneer DJM-1000 Mixer————–$2, 200.00 <br>Pioneer Model: DJM-600K————–$800.00 <br>IF YOU HAVE ANY QEUSTION PLEASE CONTACT US: <br>IMPORTANT NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE MODELS AND PRODUCT,NUMBER OF UNIT YOU WISH TO BUY AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: <br>JONES_MOBILES555@YAHOO.COM <br>JONES_MOBILES555@HOTMAIL.COM <br>THANKS


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