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Product Image
Denon UD-M31
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  375.00
Description: Micro Size CD/Receiver <li>Power Output <li>22 W + 22 W (6 ohms) <li>S.D.B. (Super Dynamic Bass) <li>Tone Controls (Bass, Treble) <li>Source Direct Function <li>2 Sets of Analog Stereo <li>Inputs and Analog Stereo Outputs <li>Subwoofer Output <li>Easy-to-Use Remote Control (operates optional Cass/MD) 3.5mm Headphone Jack <li> <li>Compact Disc Section <li> <li>A wealth of Playback Functions <li>Optical Digital Output Jack for Direct Transmission of Digital Signals <li>Auto Edit Function <li>CD-R, CD-RW Compatible <li> <li>Tuner Section <li> <li>AM/FM 40 Station Preset Memory Tuning <li>Radio TEXT with RDS function <li>Everyday/Once/Sleep Timer 24-Hour Clock


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