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Product Image
Lovan Classic I
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  199.00
Description: Classic I Four-Shelf Audio Rack with Gold Accents <LI> Four-shelf audio rack <LI> Modular design <LI> Assemble rack by stacking shelves <LI> Patented "trisolation" vibration control system <LI> High-mass steel 1"-diameter tubing with heat fused epoxy powder coated "Durian" scratch resistant black finish <LI> New Zealand Lake Pine MDF shelves with satin epoxy black finish <LI> EVA isolation pads <LI> Hardened steel chrome plated spikes <LI> Overall rack dimensions: 35.5" tall, 22.6" wide, 17.4" deep <LI> Internal shelf dimensions: 19.75" wide, 15.5" deep <LI> Vertical distance between shelves: 6.5"


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