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Product Image
Sugden Headmaster
0 Reviews
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MSRP  1495.00
Description: The SUGDEN® HeadMaster™ is a dedicated pre-amplifier and headphone amplifier with exceptional qualities of musical performance. It has been specially developed to extend the boundaries of audio pleasure to ultimate near-field listening conditions. It is also suitable for use with most commercial headphones. <br> <br>The unit is equipped with three stereo input facilities, a parallel tape output, and a switched pre amplifier output plus a remote control. These facilities create a very flexible piece of equipment, which can operate as a stand alone dedicated headphone system or be combined as a high quality pre-amp in a total audio system. The special design features of the amplifier circuitry have been incorporated to enhance headphone performance but also facilitate a very high quality pre-amplifier performance. <br> <br>The amplifier signal path configuration is pure Class A constructed completely from discrete components. The application of the Class A circuit has been optimised to obtain its characteristic benefits of superb low level listening and low distortion. Particularly important with the use of headphones is the inherent avoidance with Class A configuration of odd and high order harmonic distortion. The amplifier is wide bandwidth with a very neutral and transparent sound stage through the full musical spectrum and volume range. <br>


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