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Product Image
Dodd Audio Dodd Audio DC Reference preamplifier
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MSRP  3300.00
Description: This is the first complete self contained DC powered -Gel battery , vacuum tube preamplifier in the world. Remote controlled. <br> Continuous Battery operation 20-22 hours <br>Choice of solid Maple, or Rosewood cabinets all hand finished <br>Input Impedance 100K ohms <br>Output Impedance: Less than 200 ohms <br>Gain: 16 dB, Inputs: 4, Outputs: 2 <br>Home Theater bypass. Remote volume <br>High quality Cardas RCAs (Vampire copper on the CD input, and 1 output) <br>Vampire Continuous Cast Copper internal wiring <br>Simple circuit design; 1 capacitor in signal path <br>Sonicaps bypassed with Platinum Sonicaps for the output section <br>Uses -2- 6dj8 or 6922 vacuum tubes <br>Volume control: motorized Alps Blue Velvet <br>Battery life expectancy: 3-5 years <br>Sealed Gel Batterys, totally safe and care-free. <br> <br>


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