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Alternate Audio RCAP Remote controlled Pre Amplifier
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Description: The RCAP has been designed to fill the audio market's lack of audiophile quality, minimalist design, remote control preamplifiers. The RCAP is a completely remote controlled audiophile preamp. Metal film resistors, switched via relays, provide 40 discrete volume settings.<br><br>- High-bias class ""A"" operation.<br>- Four input selections.<br>- Only two active components in the signal path (N-channel MOSFETs).<br>- Teflon insulators.<br>- Gold plated connectors.<br>- High quality Aeon polypropylene input caps.<br>- Fully fused 120/240 VAC hospital-grade IEC connector.<br>- Low noise power supplies with separate power toroids for the analog and control cicuits.<br>- 40 volume/balance levels in 1.0 dB steps.<br>- Full function IR remote control.<br>- Patent-pending Universal IR Remote Control Receiver (URCR).<br>- User upgradable EPROM for newest code releases.


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