Tangent Neo MP3 Players

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Product Description

  • Dot matrix LCD display
  • MP3 / WMA playback
  • Dictaphone
  • Supports ID3 tag

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Neo vs Ferrite magnets

If you have two the same type of headphones but one is using a Neodymium magnet and one is using Ferrite would the Neo one sound better overall? Or will both sound the same just one will be lighter since Neo is smaller but is powerful as a bigger Ferrite magnet?Read More »

DTS Neo 6 vs. DPL II

As I'm coming to the end of my HT project, I thought it would be interesting to have your opinions on these two codecs, and for those of you who use them, which one you prefer and why. Also, specificy what you're playing them with (movies, music or video gaming). For my part I've had little expo ... Read More »

DPL II or Neo:6

Just curious....which do you feel is better DPL II or Neo:6? Personally I can't say that I detect a difference between DPL II Movie and Neo:6 Movie.Read More »

DPLII or Neo:6?

Opinions wanted....which is better DPLII or Neo:6?Read More »

DTS:NEO 6 Music

over the last 6 months i've been experimenting with a 7.1 setup in my basement and found this format to sound the best with music and movies/tv shows. so, i recently bought a Sherwood budget AVR for our bedroom and it mentions this mode as ... the front left/right speaker receive a 'pure' or 's ... Read More »


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