Rio Rave MP2300 40 MB MP3 Player MP3 Players

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The newly released rave: mp 2300 digital media player is an Iomega Clik! drive offering an incredible advantage no other MP3 player can offer - inexpensive memory.??Each Clik! disk holds 40 megabytes of data, and two of them are included in the package! That means you can expand your music collection without limit...for pocket change! Download MS Outlook names, phone numbers, and email addresses to your MP3s Clik! Disks. Upgradeable firmware provides future compatibility for new music formats and the SDMI compliancy standard. Built-in memory buffer eliminates skips. The rave: mp 2300 does even more. Like the other rave: mp models, the 2300 records voice messages with its built-in microphone, but its power doesn't stop there. This unit also allows you to download MS Outlook names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, - directly to your Clik! disks. Now your digital office files can travel with you! Whether you're skating, running, or even on the commute home, you can count on skip-free sound with the rave: mp 2...

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