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Are there any MP3 players that use regular batteries?

My high capacity (80 gig) Zune always seems to run out at precisely the wrong time. I carry my my tiny (2 gig) little Sansa M240, which runs forever off of a AAA battery for a spare. When it does die, a simple battery replacement takes about 30 seconds. Granted, this may be an apples to orang ... Read More »

I need help with mp3 players

Hi, I'm looking to buy an Mp3 player but i need specific specs, I need at least 2gb, Fm tuner To be able to record from the fm tuner, I need to be able to record line in, I need it to record to the range of 320 kbps and 48khz Or higher lol if it can record wav also the highest rate If it can ... Read More »

iPods/MP3 players and HT

Hello, all- I'm looking to buy an iPod/MP3 player for mainly working out and plane trips, etc. However, I was wondering if these things were able to be hooked up to your receiver- I've heard the MP3 quality isn't as good as CDs- is that true? Is it noticeable if you can play it through your receiver ... Read More »

Itunes kills your Mp3 players battery

Well maybe not just itunes but any DRM mp3 file will drain your battery by as much as 25%. It takes more processing power to read and verify the DRM. Read it here [url]http://news.com.com/2061-11199_3-6050869.html[/url] I say buy the album and rip the files yourself. I be offered to downloa ... Read More »

O/T Ipods & Mp3 Players What Are You Paying More For

Based on this board, I did some research and got a Creative Labs Zen Nano Plus 512 MP3 player that I'm very happy with for around $100 new on sale. For $120 I could have gotten a 1 gig player. I think the sound on this is great, its super small & light & very easy to download. What I'm curious abou ... Read More »

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