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irock! 860 256 MB MP3/WMA Player

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Somebody have info on Aurex Excalibur speaker CS-830 thanks !!

[ATTACH=CONFIG]9380[/ATTACH] Hi everybody any info welcome :)Read More »

Canton Vento 830.2

Got my new Canton 830.2's from dealer today. I have them on the stands and just listened to Diana Krall. Right out of box they have much more bass detail and also carries more weight than my previous Canton's. The 830.2's have let me see what my system really can do. I would say about 2 hours on th ... Read More »

Recommended pre-amp & power amp to go with Boston Acoustics T-830?

I am a college student, soon to be using Boston Acoustics T-830 speakers. I'm a newbie to the audiophile world. I'm into jazz/downtempo/lounge music. Can you guys recommend me a pre-amp and power amp to go with my T830s? What am I looking for exactly, in a pre-amp and power amp? What other thin ... Read More »

Picked up MB Quart QLS-830 at impulse

Just wanted to update and share to everyone that help me out in the previous thread for the best music speaker under $500.00 I went down to an authorized dealer of NHT, PSB & MB Quart with the intention of getting a set of PSB imagine bookshelf but after I compare/listen to all of the speakers in ... Read More »

Rotel RSP-976 vs. Adcom GTP-830

After several years of musical delight with my old Adcom pre/pro (the Dolby Pro Logic GTP-550), I decided it was time to upgrade for a Dolby Digital & DTS model, and ended up getting a used ROTEL RSP-976 unit just some few weeks ago. This Rotel unit is awesome for Dolby Digital & DTS encoded disc ... Read More »


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