GPX RCD3815SH Personal CD Player CD Players Portable

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Let the morning blues melt away while you prepare to face the day with this water-resistant bathroom radio. Equipped with everything from a vertical-loading CD player that's compatible with CD-R and CD-RW formats to a fog-free mirror, the device is as entertaining as it is functional. Listeners who want to sing along to their own soundtracks will appreciate the CD player's track programming function, which lets them arrange songs in a specific order. Meanwhile, the AM/FM tuner is ideal for picking up NPR programs, music, traffic reports, and sporting events while you primp in the mirror. The device offers a pair of installation options: either mount it on the wall or employ the built-in stand to place it in a countertop or sink. Both options are great for multi-person households with crowded bathrooms, as they free up space from the main mirror so more people can apply makeup or put in their contacts.

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