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Product Image
JVC RV-NB50Radio Boombox
0 Reviews
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MSRP  360.00
Description: Catch a stylish yet practical definition of entertainment with RV-NB50 Kaboom System for iPod from JVC®. This RV-NB50 Kaboom boasts 40 watts of power and retains the original general design, a large cylindrical shape with a woofer at each end. Its bass enhancement circuitry ensures room-rattling low frequency performance. Moreover, this system includes the iPod dock with Twist Auto Lock Door, which is shielded from the elements by a protective door and USB host for playback of music files stored on a USB mass storage device. In addition, there is a CD player that can handle MP3 and WMA file playback, FM tuner with 30 presets and 3-3/16-inch full range speakers. For additional flexibility, there’s a front audio input. Rounding up the features is the remote control that makes it easy to operate while a shoulder strap that makes it a cinch to carry.


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