Coby MP-CD451 Radio/CD Boombox Boomboxes

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Product Description

Take your favorite tunes on the road or to the park with this portable CD boombox. Sporting a unique, rounded chassis with silver highlights that's way more fashionable than standard boxy models, the MP-CD451 is an ideal choice for music fans who want a little extra style with their sounds. Fortunately for listeners, the cool shape doesn't detract from the music, as the CD player includes all the basics and a few extras. Among the features are CD-R/RW compatibility and standard skip, search, and repeat one and all functions. Listeners can also enjoy MP3s burned onto CDs, giving them access to a vast digital music library. And because each MP3-CD holds up to 10 hours of music, you can take a ton of music on the road without bringing along dozens of jewel cases. When the CDs are played out, listeners can turn to the AM/FM tuner for a less-structured playlist.

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