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Stereo Workstation Software is not just about Sonic Performance Improvement. [URL="http://www.digiphase.com?SourceTag=AudioReview"]Click here[/URL] to see why Stereo Workstation Software is the TOTAL HOME MUSIC SOFTWARE SOLUTIONRead More »

Looking For Karaoke Software for PC

This Hopeless Romantic is lost in a haze and looking to sing a long with my collection of soft rock but has trouble remembering the lyrics. I sit here in front of my 32" HDTV in my shorts listening to Stephen Bishop's One More Night in my AC/DC Highway to Hell T-Shirt turned to complete mush by a be ... Read More »

(Free) audiophile training software from Harman

I've been having a lot of fun this afternoon trying out this software, which is meant to simulate the training Harman applies to their listeners: [url]http://seanolive.blogspot.com/2011/04/version-204-of-harman-how-to-listen-now.html[/url] So far I notice that I'm least bothered by boosts in h ... Read More »

PC bundled software reactivation

When you buy new PC these days, it usually come with trial period (60 days) of bundled softwares including Norton Internet Security software. 60 days trial days expired couple of months ago and Norton Security software quit working as they want me to purchase their software which I refused. O ... Read More »

Uncompressed files and related software

I'm new to this forum, and I hope this doesn't seem like too simple a question. Here goes. I own several hundred cds, and I may be moving overseas. I've read about network audio players, and it seems to me that I can perhaps get rid of my cds (rather than shipping them all overseas) by loading ... Read More »


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