Harman Kardon Soundsticks II Computer Speaker Systems

0/5 (0 Reviews) MSRP : $169.95

Product Description

  • Product Type - PC multimedia speaker system
  • # of channels: 3
  • # of satellites: 2
  • Separate subwoofer: Yes
  • BNominal Output Power (Total) - 40 Watt
  • 2 x Satellite speaker - 10 Watt - Wired, 1 x Subwoofer - 20 Watt - Wired
  • Power adapter - External # 1 x Audio line-in ( Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm )

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    M-Audio AV40s vs Soundsticks II...

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with both and which one they would recommend. I'm not really looking for any responses that haven't used or heard both in person. I previously owned the Soundsticks II. I really liked its appearance, but I bought it for its crystal clear sound. I remember ... Read More »

    Logitech z2300 or Harman Kardon Soundsticks II??

    I'm kind of a newbie on this and I've been wanting to buy a speaker system to listen to my computer and ipod and I've been thinking between the Logitech z2300 or Harman Kardon Soundsticks II can anybody tell which is better?? Or is there another one which is better in about the same price range???? ... Read More »

    Harman SoundSticks II vs. Altex Lansing FX4021

    i'll get right to it, im trying to decide which speakers would be better: [URL="http://manuals.harman.com/HK/HOM/Product%20Information/HK_SoundSticks_II_sheet.pdf"]Harman SoundSticks II [/URL] SPECIFICATIONS: System: Frequency Range – 44Hz–20kHz Power Consumption – 4W idle, 65W max ... Read More »

    Harman Kardon SoundSticks II

    I figure I can pick up a SoundSticks II system for around 100 bucks on Ebay. Does anyone have experience with these speakers? I'm gonna check em out later this week hopefully. I think they might be a more practical alternative for me right now instead of buying a set of atoms and a reciever and ... Read More »



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