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Product Image
Edifier MP250 Portable Speaker
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  49.99
Description: <UL> <LI>USB powered & USB streamed speaker system housed in an aluminum tube <LI>Two channel stereo speaker with two 1.25inch drivers on each channel</li> <LI>Elaborately designed bass passive radiator</li> <LI>3.5mm Auxiliary input port</li> <LI>Soft Carry pouch and USB cable included.</li> <li>Power Output: RMS 2W x 2(THD+N=10%)</li> <li>Signal-to-Noise Ratio : >=75dBA</li> <li>Input Sensitive: USB: 800mV+/-50mV ; AUX 500mV+/- 50mV</li> <li>Dimensions:11.5x5.8x2.4inch (282x145x59mm) (WxHxD)</li> <li>Gross Weight: approximately 1.1Lbs(0.5kg)</li> </ul>


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