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Product Image
Numark Red Wave
0 Reviews
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MSRP  100.00
Description: RED WAVE headphones were designed with the entire DJ experience in mind. Their superior sound, eye-catching looks and comfortable design make RED WAVE headphones the clear choice of professional DJs. RED WAVE headphones are designed specifically for the professional DJ. They employ a comfortable, closed–cup design for great isolation from outside noise. RED WAVE’s large, 50mm neodymium drivers produce clean, powerful output. Designed by DJs for DJs, these headphones have a convenient, swiveling design on one cup so they're easy to wear one-sided between the ear and shoulder. The ear cups also have breathable protein-leather for DJs to remain comfortable during prolonged use. RED WAVE’s sleek, modern design ensure they look as good as they sound. RED WAVE headphones also come with a gold-plated 1/” adapter to quickly plug into MP3 players, and carrying case for quick and convenient transport. <ul> <li>High-quality full-range headphones designed for DJs</li> <li>Large 50 mm driver, neodynium magnet</li> <li>Balanced detachable headphone cable</li> <li>Professional build and modern design</li> <li>1/4-inch connector with 1/8-inch adaptor</li> </ul>


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