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Product Image
AKG Acoustics K 514
0 Reviews
rating  0 of 5
MSRP  79.95
Description: With 200mW input power, these AKG K 514 stereo, semi-open headphones provide unbeatable quality sound, with deep bass and sharp treble to blow your mind! In fact, sound produced by the K-514 headphones is just as the artist intended. Plus, these headphones are comfortable to wear, thanks to the self-adjusting headband, leatherette ear pads and suspension. <ul> <li>Proven AKG self-adjusting headband</li> <li>Exceptional price and performance</li> <li>Semi-open, circumaural earphones</li> <li>Convenient single cable</li> <li>Airy sound for great listening fun</li> </ul>


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